A counterintuitive response to the environmental crisis

  • why we get the (unsustainable) results we get from our socioeconomic system;
  • what would need to be different to obtain better results; and
  • how we can concretely move from the current system to a “new” one.

Why you should read this

Photo by Shantanu Pacharkar on Unsplash

What is the plan

To understand the root causes of the environmental crisis, Thwink analyzes the key features of the structures of the political and the economic systems, and “uncover” the high leverage points to bring about systemic change. The authors divide the environmental crisis into four sub-problems:

  1. The political system blocks the environmental laws we need.
  2. Large corporations dominate the political system at the expense of the common good.
  3. The political system is unable to identify and adjust previously relevant solutions that are no longer relevant.
  4. Humans have an unsustainable impact on the biosphere.
  1. Beware of your brain.
Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash



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